Tis The Season


What better way to tell your doggie Merry “Woof”mas, Then through their tummies?  We are offering three different Christmas Boxes this year. However, you may custom order what you want if none of them fit what you want.




You can jump over to our Bakery Goods page and order, or you can go to our FB and send us a message if you are local (or have any questions) and order directly.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and please if you have any questions about anything contact us! We are hear to answer any questions you may have.


Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving Dinner?

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Order your Doggie’s Thanksgiving Day Plate, or some fall cookies for them!

We have a limited run that we are making of the Dog Thanksgiving Day Plates if you want one order soon!


If you are local and would like to save on shipping and pick up your order contact us through our website to order yours.

Thanksgiving Day Is Going To The Dogs :)


We all know that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for what you have and for the family and friends that we have in our lives. One of the best parts is having  family and friends gather around to visit with each other, including the furry babies!

It is a wonderful day full of love and happiness and great food!

We are always so busy making out great Thanksgiving Day dinners that sometimes we forget about the furry members of the family which of course we are so thankful to have in our lives too!


We make it easy not to forget them, by offering a Doggie Thanksgiving Day Plate for the furry family members.

***NOTE: these are treats and we do NOT recommend giving them all of it at once.***

You can order through our website by going over to our Bakery Goodies page, Or if you are local and would like to pick up instead of having it shipped pop on over to our FB page and send us a message with your order, or send us a message here through our website.


If you have any questions for us please feel free to contact us on our contact page. We always welcome questions or concerns.

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Fall Cookies


The air is getting chilly and the smells of fall are kicking in!


Don’t want Halloween Treats for the furry babies?

Get them some delicious fall cookies instead.

Our fall leaf cookies are our Chula’s Apple-Cinnamon Flavor *and smell awesome!* They are a favorite in our home.

and our Pumpkin cookies are Twitch’s Pumpkin Flavor with such a great fall smell and taste.

They both have an egg wash on top to make them a little prettier and our taste testers approve of the great taste.

Hop on over to our “Bakery Goodies” page and pick some up for your doggie today!


Halloween Goodies

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If your furbaby is anything like our babies they may not like tricks so much but they LOVE treats!

You can’t forget the furry kids on Halloween.

Our fun Halloween shapes are a big hit here in our home, from pumpkins to ghosts we try to make our cookies as cute as we can and also taste good to your doggie. Our Halloween cookies are usually our K.C.’s Choice (which is our version of a milkbone flavor) Bunkie’s Carob Cookies (Carob is a safe alternative to chocolate for dogs, will do a post on carob in the near future.) Baltasar’s P-Nutty Cookies (which is you guessed it! A peanut butter cookie)

If you are interested in picking up our Halloween Treats with no tricks go to our etsy store https://www.etsy.com/listing/251588740/dog-halloween-treats and order yours today!

What does MBM stand for you ask?

mbm_no_backgroundA lot of people are curious what MBM stands for, and who the three characters on our logos are. Well, they are one and the same; our three beautiful Great Danes, the inspiration for the business, and the official taste testers.

Maybach, our oldest boy, big black and beautiful, with a heart of gold. One of the sweetest, gentlest babies ever.

Baltasar, our youngest boy, white and massive, he is deaf and with limited vision, he makes up for it with his 200+ lbs of pure heart.

Mercedes, our middle child, a beautiful blue merle princess with a lot of love hiding within a deep independent streak.

Another question we get a lot is where our cookies get their names. All of our cookies are named after our babies, some present, some passed over the rainbow bridge, but all of whom changed our lives and will forever be in our hearts.